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Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar stacked Headspace
Product Manager @ADP. Lives in Hyderabad,India. Tech enth...
Helps me develop the habit of meditating and also learn meditation techniques. Offers timely notifications to be mindful through out the day.
Kate stacked Headspace
I'm Kate 💡, and I'm obsessed by regular expressions, cats...
Meditation is simple and fun with Headspace. For most of the sessions, you can choose the preferable length (10, 15, or 20 min).
Ola King
Ola King stacked Headspace
|Customer Enablement @moz 🤖 | All things startup, product...
It’s like a reset button for my brain
aiden champagne
aiden champagne stacked Headspace
Graphic Designer | Co-Founder of One Tribe Running | nhs '21
Meditation is the only reason I stay sane.
Jake Crump
Jake Crump stacked Headspace
Husband to @mattiewhatley. Head of Support @ProductHunt. ...
I've been meditating for a couple of years now, but I've always disliked guided meditations. I recently decided to try Headspace again, and it's really clicked for me this time. I'm about a month in, and I'm really enjoying it, especially their sleep collections.
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Yashar Nejati
Yashar Nejati stacked Headspace
I'm an entrepreneur and spent the last 5 years building a...
Use it daily for meditation, even on unguided days to track my habit.
Megan Carrier
Megan Carrier stacked Headspace
Product Designer at Mantra Health
A forever favorite.
aphel stacked Headspace
I write stuff I find cool.
Daniel B.
Daniel B. stacked Headspace
Leading Product @, formerly Onefinance, N2...
Venkat Srinivasan
Venkat Srinivasan stacked Headspace
Constantly learning from the world.
Have it for 2 years. When I use it, it is great. The guided meditation is here to stay for folks who are not meditation afficianados.
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