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w1nt3rmut3 stacked Headspace
Father, husband, software engineer
Helps me to stay calm
Mariano Mollo
Mariano Mollo stacked Headspace
Meditation can be very useful for chronic procrastinators like me.
sᴉɹɥɔ stacked Headspace
On-again/off-again fair/foul weather meditator.
Jess Gregson
Jess Gregson stacked Headspace
Partner at Subsector, an innovation consultancy. Originat...
One of my favourite apps, been using it for 8 years and still going strong.
Kevin stacked Headspace
Interested in good UI/UX, innovative design, and generall...
A very noble service in its mission. Makes meditation very approachable, which is quite appreciated in today's busy world. The soft palette and nice UI are also plusses, making navigating the app a pleasure.
Aleksander Palamarczuk
Aleksander Palamarczuk stacked Headspace
🚷 Using tech to solve sales and CS since API economy.
The best place to be healthy is the mind :) Create a meditation habit and start to see all your others habits follow it.
Adam Fullerton
Adam Fullerton stacked Headspace
Curious producteer
Mental floss.
Connor Regan
Connor Regan stacked Headspace
Product Policy & Operations at YouTube. Lover of coffee. ...
Aiming to build a practice of daily meditation, but not quite there yet. Headspace being a beautiful and dynamic product is definitely helping.
Eli Becerril Wong
Eli Becerril Wong stacked Headspace
Boosting up startups community in Latin America @Techstars
The only thing that helped me calm my anxiety and rest at night are sleep casts.
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar stacked Headspace
Product Manager @ADP. Lives in Hyderabad,India. Tech enth...
Helps me develop the habit of meditating and also learn meditation techniques. Offers timely notifications to be mindful through out the day.
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