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Chakri stacked Google Keep
Data scientist, with 5 years of experience in architectur...
Simple and handy
Sourav Kumar
Sourav Kumar stacked Google Keep
Easy to use
David Iwanow #WearAMask
David Iwanow #WearAMask stacked Google Keep
This is me.... the real me...
Christian Modery
Christian Modery stacked Google Keep
Aspiring skill stacker.
Simple, and offers integration across all devices.
Farayi Chambati
Farayi Chambati stacked Google Keep
Dad, ERP Professional, Product Manager, Consultant, More?...
I do not need to organise anything. Self organised using google massive AI engine. I just search and things appear. Frictionless personal information management
Farayi Chambati
robin smith
robin smith stacked Google Keep
Business owner, accountant, grandfather
keeping information quickly available
Shai Navé
Shai Navé stacked Google Keep
Saving Good People from Bad Translations | English to Heb...
Very handy note taking tool, especially when using the GSuite ecosystem.
Bill Hinostroza
Bill Hinostroza stacked Google Keep
Entrepreneur, Philosophical Thinker, and Digital Nomad.
It's in the cloud and instantly accesible on my phone or computer.
rupam das
rupam das stacked Google Keep
Interaction Designer
arrangement quality
海里 stacked Google Keep
Keep exploring, never stop
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