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Kiri Carini
Kiri Carini stacked Shift
geospatial stuff
I actually pay $$ for this I love it so much.
Saadh S.
Saadh S. stacked Shift
Uh. Digital marketing. Affiliate & media buying. Programm...
Uses too much CPU usage to use (especially when idle). I keep coming back to check.
Jonhurwi stacked Shift
Founder/ Creative person. Having fun building some of the...
Instead of having my standard stack of daily use apps/sites open in my browser I keep them open in stack. Keeps my browser from getting cluttered and gives easy access to the all the time sites.
Adam Roussos
Adam Roussos stacked Shift
Founder of Backdrop, changing the way sales is done for g...
Consolidating tabs is wonderful
Zachary Sammon
Zachary Sammon stacked Shift
Creative Tech.
If you manage multiple email/app accounts, this is perfect for you
Morgan Crutchfield
Morgan Crutchfield stacked Shift
Digital Strategist. Photog. Nittany Lion. morgancrutchfie...
Life-altering for consultants or anyone who needs multiple Google, Microsoft, Basecamp, and other instances open for analytics, etc. This program makes working efficiently from anywhere SO much easier. Can't say enough about how much I love it.
Joe Scarboro
Joe Scarboro stacked Shift
CFO @AltViz_LDN, Startup advisor, Founder @touchpaperorg,...
It takes my email and calendar out of my browser and helps me focus. The product has been massively expanded and improved since I first started using too.
Cliff Ings
Cliff Ings stacked Shift
Gamer, baker, Netflix lover.
Brings all of the things together into one nice and easy UI, more reliable and less hungry than Station.
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