ShareX is a free and open-source screen capture
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Benjamin Cooper
Benjamin Cooper stacked ShareX
IMSA '16 | Vanderbilt '20 | former @VandyHacks President ...
Love how it gives all of my screenshots a custom S3 URL easily and auto-minifies my images.
cogscides stacked ShareX
Future, Design, Tech, Art, Cognitive Science
Free and Open Source screen capturer
Zbigniew ŇĽoŇānierowicz
Zbigniew ŇĽoŇānierowicz¬†stacked¬†ShareX
A semi-self taught web developer with a penchant for Reac...
Unparalleled screenshot tool for Windows, even the built-in clipping tool should be scared. A must-have for anyone stuck on Windows.
Zachary Sammon
Zachary Sammon stacked ShareX
Creative Tech.
Amazing free and open source program that lets you capture/record your screen, along with many other tools, and easily save/share it.
Meet Shah
Meet Shah stacked ShareX
Product Designer and UX Researcher.
Best open source tool to capture and share your screens.
MikoŇāaj Zaremba
MikoŇāaj Zaremba¬†stacked¬†ShareX
Computer guy
I use ShareX almost every day. It allows me to quickly take screenshots, edit them, and upload to my file server.
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