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Kerr Travers
Kerr Travers stacked Makerlog
Just here for the pancakes 🥞
Home of the meme machine.
Kerr Travers
Maxim Dzhuliy
Maxim Dzhuliy stacked Makerlog
Trying to build something useful! Currently working on a ...
Wonderful community
Ely Fornoville
Ely Fornoville stacked Makerlog
Traveller 🗺️ Indie Maker 💻 | Founder
Great community and it allows met to keep track of what I have to do. It makes me more productive! It's also a great place to launch your product.
Peter Thaleikis
Peter Thaleikis stacked Makerlog
Hey, I'm Peter a developer and indie hacker. Building ran...
Great community. Anyone can become a maker and develop their projects together!
Darren LeeBinyamin GreenJonathan Grahl | Bittermandel
José Cage
José Cage stacked Makerlog
I'm a software developer who loves to solve others people...
Log my daily tasks while I work
Ely FornovillePeter ThaleikisJosé Cage
Binyamin Green
Binyamin Green stacked Makerlog
Student / Writer / Developer / Musician
Makerlog is a wonderful community of developers, writers, and entrepreneures. Motivates me.
Ely FornovillePeter Thaleikis
Graeme Fulton
Graeme Fulton stacked Makerlog
✍️ Writing letters with 💌 | making...
Logging my small daily tasks creates crazy picture of what goes into making even a small product!
Ely FornovillePeter ThaleikisCalum Webb
Stefan Wuthrich
Stefan Wuthrich stacked Makerlog
@boardengine_io @golangch @kunvenu #IndieHackers , Full-S...
Great Tool & Community for Makers
Ely FornovillePeter Thaleikis
Ethan stacked Makerlog
🤘🔥🚀 An Indie Maker creating KanbanMail, Code The Web, tog...
Wonderful community & helps keep me motivated!
Kerr TraversEly FornovillePeter Thaleikis
Nathaniel Blackburn
Nathaniel Blackburn stacked Makerlog
Bridging the gap between what you can see and what you ca...
A fantastic tool to stay motivated on the things you are working on.
Ely FornovillePeter Thaleikis
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