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Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan stacked Front
Founding team member at Shipt. CTO & Co-Founder at Linq.
just started using this for inbound email support. love love how you can chat inside of front about the email before someone replies to it.
Nikki Papp
Nikki Papp stacked Front
🇸🇰 /🇭🇺 Euro Blend•🎧💜•User Researcher for Support @shopify •...
I can comment on and link threads of emails. It keeps things organized and neat
Evan Sims
Evan Sims stacked Front
Human. Being. Full stack developer. Coffee snob. Thinks a...
I like how simple and minimal it is. The team inbox feature is well implimented and plugs in nicely with Google Groups on GSuite.
Alex stacked Front
Entrepreneur @kokoonparis la chasse locative pour vos col...
Easy to use, easy to learn, fast experience
Petr Murmak
Petr Murmak stacked Front
I founded Czech Games Edition that publish board games wh...
We use it as multiuser email app - we have shared company email inboxes.
Timur Insepov
Timur Insepov stacked Front
Converging ideas.
Really good solution for sales teams.
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