Foursquare City Guide
Find the best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit in any city in the world
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The best app to discover new places around the world
Luka Marr
Luka Marr stacked Foursquare City Guide
Tech, design, gifs, data & all in between. Making things...
Great for discovering new places.
Elias Bizannes
Elias Bizannes stacked Foursquare City Guide
Less is more. Call your mum. Curiosity fed the cat.
My go to when deciding what hip bar, trend restaurant or tourist landmark to see next.
Tim Bradshaw
Tim Bradshaw stacked Foursquare City Guide
Reporter at the Financial Times. 🤖🎮📱📷👓🛴💸🌍
Dylan Boyd
Dylan Boyd stacked Foursquare City Guide
Dir @RGAVentures Cheerleader of awesome people + experien...
With so many cities visited I use this to keep lists of places I want to go to, or places I have been. Also with the lists I can quickly share them with other people when they are traveling.
Fajar Siddiq
Brandon Myint
Brandon Myint stacked Foursquare City Guide
I love hip-hop, Scandinavian design, Mikkeller beer & the...
Tips are much more actionable than Yelp, List + Map combo is perfect for exploring new cities
Susan Hobbs
Susan Hobbs stacked Foursquare City Guide
Chief of Staff @Cloudflare ✧ Aforementioned venture capit...
I still <3 Foursquare to save places and for discovery. It helps that there's a core group of friends who still use it.
Joan Cardona
Joan Cardona stacked Foursquare City Guide
Indie iOS app developer. Cofounded @themobilebakery. Make...
Wherever I am in the world, I can always find the greatest restaurants, bars and cafes ✌️
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