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Make exercise a habit with AI-powered workout plans
Brian LovinHussein YahfoufiVinny La Barbera
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Hussein Yahfoufi
Hussein Yahfoufi stacked Fitbod
Co-founder at Money Minx (coming soon). CIO at eCapital. ...
Been using FitBod for years at the gym. Recent update added a ton of body weight workouts which can easily be done at home. No gym necessary.
Vinny La Barbera
Vinny La Barbera stacked Fitbod
Founder / CEO @imFORZA ⚡️ @USC Alum & MBA✌ I tweet about #...
The best workout tracking / planning app for iOS. I wish I would've been using this years back so I could see the progress from then until now.
Ben Mathews
Ben Mathews stacked Fitbod
early stage consumer VC @bessemervp. formerly @android @g...
Highly customizable
Medet Mamyrov
Medet Mamyrov stacked Fitbod
computer science student interested in discovering new to...
Helps me discover new exercises and pushes me to try new things
George Sofroniou
George Sofroniou stacked Fitbod
Product Owner within Nomura's CTO team Lover of technolog...
Since lockdown I have started using this app for bodyweight workouts. Really impressive
alex stacked Fitbod
Only fitness app I'm happy with. I select what equipments I have, how much time and what muscles I want to train and it'll build a plan for me. It has an Apple Watch app, and over time it learns what works best for me.
dan mackinlay
dan mackinlay stacked Fitbod
Signal processing, sampling based inference, data science...
Keeps my workout interesting and targeted. Worth the price-tag to keep me sharp.
Shripriya Mahesh
Shripriya Mahesh stacked Fitbod
Venture capital for the things that make life worth livin...
It's incredibly simple and works perfectly. Tell the app what equipment you have access to and it comes up with a workout. Just works.
DhruvKarsten ChearisEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Skurks stacked Fitbod
VP Product at @ReviewTrackers, previously Product @Powero...
Variety of workouts every day
Simple and habit forming
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