Analyze your activity, sleep, and social data in one app
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Michael I. Brooks
Michael I. Brooks stacked Exist
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Loving Exist. A lot of quantified self apps require you to make correlations yourself. Exist pulls data and creates insights on trends, from productivity to health.
Jason stacked Exist
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Love how seamlessly it surfaces trends and correlations in my day-to-day life
Olu stacked Exist
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Confirmed that I'm a weirdo who has a better day on less sleep, and that music makes me happier. A great interface from a small team. If you want an extra month's free trial, here's my referral link:
Skurks stacked Exist
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Love the quantified-self visualizations!
jake stacked Exist
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Very cool way to learn patterns about yourself using services you already use.
Catherine stacked Exist
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Just dump all your health data in and it'll create correlations for you.
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