The Internet privacy company that lets you take control of your information
RVictorRohit Alexander
281 people use DuckDuckGo. Do you?


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joseph workman
joseph workman stacked DuckDuckGo
Me myself and eye
Cédric "le skwi" Spalvieri
Cédric "le skwi" Spalvieri stacked DuckDuckGo
Former developer, now manager of a software development team
Because privacy ... right?
Aleksander Antoszek
Aleksander Antoszek stacked DuckDuckGo
Student, artist, writer, creator. Minimalist & singletask...
The only search engine I dare to use.
Cameron Flint
Cameron Flint stacked DuckDuckGo
I'm a software engineer and productivity enthusiast.
The search interface is straightforward and modern. Great privacy policy. Decent indexing comparable to the major players.
Julien Dambron
Julien Dambron stacked DuckDuckGo
Scrum Master @Capgemini, avid reader, avid learner
Better privacy than the bigger alternative. It also doesn't feel like it serves you mostly ads.
sᴉɹɥɔ stacked DuckDuckGo
Search without the gross privacy violations of Google.
Edmundo Ruiz
Edmundo Ruiz stacked DuckDuckGo
Software developer
Because I can search for all kinds of crap and not worry about it.
Victor stacked DuckDuckGo
self-management / org-tech / token economics / web3 / DAO...
A good alternative to big brother
John King
John King stacked DuckDuckGo
Creator & strategist @TAPP
Its the only "privacy-esque" public search engine in the marketplace--I don't miss seeing ads!
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