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Norman Chella
Norman Chella stacked Dropbox
I cover Asian podcasting @ Podlovers Asia. Founder @ That...
I put all my Markdown files in Dropbox. It's useful - all my local notes now accessible on all of my devices!
Paul Mosedale
Paul Mosedale stacked Dropbox
Founder/Owner/Director @ Visual Intent.
Have Drive as well. But find Dropbox easier plus all my clients predominantly use Dropbox so makes life a little easier.
Javier Solorio
Javier Solorio stacked Dropbox
Creative Director @FigoPet
Required for work. Their cloud shared tools are pretty good.
Jackson Moyer
Jackson Moyer stacked Dropbox
High school (soon-to-be college) student. Love math and p...
Personal files
sᴉɹɥɔ stacked Dropbox
I used to love it - now it's bloated, but it's still the best-in-class.
Jorge Verdera
Jorge Verdera stacked Dropbox
Cloud, SaaS, and smart ways to be more productive
Essential file storage service
Brad Brooks
Brad Brooks stacked Dropbox
Graphic Designer/#cartoonist ✏️, Apple freak , Arsenal fa...
It's become the cornerstone of my design practice in terms of storing my work.
Divyansh stacked Dropbox
UX Designer. Product Hunter 100+🎯. Figma Evangelist + Mee...
Been using since few years to manage and share all my documents and photos. Quite helpful when you have a 64gb iPhone and run out of space 😱
Geet Duggal
Geet Duggal stacked Dropbox
I’m a software engineer, computational biologist, and tec...
Reliable for years. Excellent search capability
Rachel Liu
Rachel Liu stacked Dropbox
Humanising education & wellbeing | Lead Service Designer ...
Secure, simple, syncs what I need and archives
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