A word processor with a play button.
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Michael Pirovano
Michael Pirovano stacked Descript
Writer & Comedian. Well... Writer.
You've seriously just got to see for yourself. The biggest downside is hiring someone with a culinary arts degree to outsource all your chef's kisses.
Lee Hills
Lee Hills stacked Descript
Launcher of creative digital products.. Freelance Motion...
Made me dread video editing a whole lot less
Will Yoo
Will Yoo stacked Descript
One of the most innovative tools for the media editing world. Descript is going to create a whole new generation of content creators and is fairly early on in its trajectory. Also, it is a deep tech company. They are innovating in audio and video processing at an impressive rate.
Thesami stacked Descript
A flaneur.
I will use to make short podcasts Ala the "Naval Podcast "
shehab hamad
shehab hamad stacked Descript
cant imagine editing podcasts without descript's transcript editing
Campbell Baron
Campbell Baron stacked Descript
👋 17-y/o Entrepreneur, Podcaster 🎙 Host, The Ones Who Su...
My go to podcast editor 🎙
Christopher Sherrod
Christopher Sherrod stacked Descript
Author, expat, entrepreneur
Amazing editor, automatic transcript tool.
Remo Kyburz
Remo Kyburz stacked Descript
Host of The Leap Takers Podcast | VC @TX Ventures | World...
Probably the best easy-to-use app out there for podcast editing. Very excited for their "Overdub" feature
Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen stacked Descript
days → @firstmarkcap | nights → alum of → @...
Podcast editing made *crazy* easy.
Michael Lebowitz
Michael Lebowitz stacked Descript
Founder & CEO of Big Spaceship for 19 years. Dad for 13. ...
The coolest app I've seen in a very long time.
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