Dark Sky
The most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information
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Fahad Zafar
Fahad Zafar stacked Dark Sky
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and ex...
It is the most accurate weather app out there; love it!
Luis stacked Dark Sky
From Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. Work on FP&A
The rain alerts, pretty accurate...
Michael Bullington
Michael Bullington stacked Dark Sky
Internet explorer. | 20 | PSU '20
Down to the minute weather forecasting + an awesome radar view
Elias Bizannes
Elias Bizannes stacked Dark Sky
Less is more. Call your mum. Curiosity fed the cat.
The most accurate weather forecast, specific to your location. Alerts you when it's going to rain, hail or shine.
Steve Greenberg
Nick Bell
Nick Bell stacked Dark Sky
Co-founder and Managing Partner @attentioncap. Previously...
An easy to use/accurate rain forecast. Find out to the minute when it will rain.
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AndrewBrian AltmanCalum Webb
thealchemist stacked Dark Sky
blockchain. investing. passive income
accurate to the minute and square metre
Tim Bradshaw
Tim Bradshaw stacked Dark Sky
Reporter at the Financial Times. 🤖🎮📱📷👓🛴💸🌍
early warning system
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards stacked Dark Sky
Design @ProductHunt 😻 expect emojis.
My weather app of choice, much more accurate than any others I've used. I've been out with friends, opened up the app to check, seen it says it's going to rain in 20 mins and yup - it does,
Will Powers
Will Powers stacked Dark Sky
Wandering through life discovering and dispensing informa...
It's a hell of a lot more useful than those meteorologists on tv.
brandon myint
brandon myint stacked Dark Sky
chief of staff @redantler | i love hip-hop, scandinavian ...
Hyper-accurate down to the hour & minute
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