Dark Sky
The most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information
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Gordon Plant
Gordon Plant stacked Dark Sky
Product Manager
Accurate rain predictions
Nick Murway
Nick Murway stacked Dark Sky
A Photographer!
Most visually pleasing weather app, for me.
Kyle J. Fellin
Kyle J. Fellin stacked Dark Sky
30 Something Tech Junkie always in search of the perfect ...
Super accurate and reliable forecasting.
Jeremy Cai
Jeremy Cai stacked Dark Sky
CEO @italic. Cofounder @notpotdealer & Havi...
Accurate weather predictions, down to the minute. Even more trustworthy now that it's owned by Apple.
Maiko Schaffrath
Maiko Schaffrath stacked Dark Sky
💼 Head of Programme @founders_acad | 🔊 Host of @impacthus...
Perfect for cyclists, avoid the rain.
Shamay Agaron
Shamay Agaron stacked Dark Sky
Hyperlocal weather.
Josh Shriner
CJ Armbrust
CJ Armbrust stacked Dark Sky
Early-stage VC, Cheesehead, ENFP
Best weather app. Proactive alerts, great UI. There's a reason Apple just bought it :)
Kyle Westaway
Kyle Westaway stacked Dark Sky
author @prof_purpose / attorney @westawayco / teacher @ha...
figuring out the weather
Nicole Crespo
Nicole Crespo stacked Dark Sky
producer @ a jumping girl, current festival f...
when you're on a film set and see the clouds roll in calling NOAA or looking at dark sky seems most accurate
Henry McBride
Henry McBride stacked Dark Sky
Open Source Evangelist, Senior Devops/Software Engineer, ...
Love the UI and timely notifications
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