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One app to replace them all. Tasks, Docs, Goals, Chat, and everything imaginable to make you more productive. t.co/al0eZrJhJH
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Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo
Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo stacked ClickUp
About me!
Product Management
Kent Wilson
Kent Wilson stacked ClickUp
CMO. Startups, digital marketing, small business. Hockey ...
We moved to Click up for project management recently and impressed with the flexibility and UX.
Stefanie stacked ClickUp
developer/designer/tribe mama
hands down perfection
Alex Melkonian
Alex Melkonian stacked ClickUp
Squash player, golf bandit. Delivery Lead @ Distributed
The built-in hierarchy that ClickUp has for tasks means nothing slips through the cracks, and the cadence and quality of new features that the ClickUp team provide is very impressive. This could soon be my new favourite project management tool.
KONARK SHARMA stacked ClickUp
Enabling FMCG brands in delivering a remarkable product t...
It's a free alternative to Trello plus it integrated with Slack. The task automation approach is clever.
Kylee Grace Schmuck
Kylee Grace Schmuck stacked ClickUp
Digital Marketing Specialist @delightful // 💜💛University...
Not sold yet - but enjoying testing out clickup for project management.
福和街西施惠 stacked ClickUp
Decrease context switch and OK UI.
Germán stacked ClickUp
Internet & Growth Hacking Entrepreneur, Husband, Husky Jo...
Managing my day, projects and others.
Choco Chu
Choco Chu stacked ClickUp
#NoCode advocate in #HongKong Starting an on-demand print...
every project I need to do I track it with ClickUp. The most feature rich productivitiy tool in the market. Plus they ship new features every week!
Wilhelm Rahn
Wilhelm Rahn stacked ClickUp
UX ⭕, Design 💛, Travel 🌎, Tech ⚡, AI 🧠
Trello on steroids. Downside: SO MANY FEATURES. But they've done a great job onboarding users and documenting absolutely everything 🤘
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