A superior way to capture your Mac's screen
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Chris McIntyre
Chris McIntyre stacked CleanShot
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Awesome tool for: simple annotations, capture entire webpage (scrolling screenshot), record videos, etc - and instantly uploads and copies a share URL. makes communicating issues to others easy.
Yejun Su
Yejun Su stacked CleanShot
I bought CleanShot after seen the recommendation by DHH, it supports saving screenshots and records in the cloud.
Chase Stubblefield
Chase Stubblefield stacked CleanShot
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INCREDIBLE. Far better screen record options than included with macOS. UX is smooth. Settings well-crafted. Love the auto copy to clipboard feature. Love that it isn't a subscription, but a one-time fee. Screenshots/recordings are everything, and they've got it. GIF ability too.
Jack Cohen
Jack Cohen stacked CleanShot
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The best screen capture app out there + easily do long-scroll screengrabs.
Jared Mason
Jared Mason stacked CleanShot
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This replaced the default macOS screenshot app for me. Scrolling capture works so well and having the option to just copy a screenshot to the clipboard instead of saving to the desktop is amazing.
a.k stacked CleanShot
Perfect for marking up and annotating screenshots to send to colleagues or friends. A massive upgrade to the regular screen clip tool
Abhi Vyas
Abhi Vyas stacked CleanShot
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A better workflow for screenshots.
Sidd stacked CleanShot
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I think its the best screenshot app out there for Mac. Especially love the feature where you can mark things with number, if you are explaining a process/steps
Nicolo S
Nicolo S stacked CleanShot
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I used to use Monosnap for screenshots but ever since I found CleanShot it has replaced Monosnap for me completely. It is a super polished app, has a cloud component for easy sharing and even allows you to take super long screenshots by scrolling!
Joe Davini
Joe Davini stacked CleanShot
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Absolutely the easiest tool to use. Plus creating a gif and using it for scrolling is amazing!
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