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It teaches me a lot about human nature, history and power
Mehmet Soyusatici
Mehmet Soyusatici stacked Sid Meier's Civilization
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A category defining game, in the world of strategy gaming it’s a real beast - if you want to take over the world, best you start here.
Jesse Russell
Jiří Vicherek
Jiří Vicherek stacked Sid Meier's Civilization
Passionate about communication and people, both live and ...
One of the best building strategies ever, probably even THE best (sorry AoE II).
There is only one more turn.
Drew Breunig
Drew Breunig stacked Sid Meier's Civilization
Making data human, making humans data. SVP Product & Stra...
Historical turn-based strategy allows for developing long-term strategies without having to fully memorize a fully concocted world.
Alex Ko WebCEO
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Conquer the world
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