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Nick Hobbs
Nick Hobbs stacked Castro Podcasts
Fixing the news one great product at a time
Every part of this app was made with deep care by people who clearly spent an amazing amount of time thinking about podcasts.
Alex Rainert
Alex Rainert stacked Castro Podcasts
Head of Product & Design @NYTimes. Husband to @superkb, f...
Favorite podcast player that matches my mental model and process (Inbox triage)
Joseph Wood
Joseph Wood stacked Castro Podcasts
Data Strategist that is obsessed with learning, reading, ...
My favorite podcast app on iOS. UI is just great.
Evan Sims
Evan Sims stacked Castro Podcasts
Human. Being. Full stack developer. Coffee snob. Thinks a...
There's a lot of podcast apps out there, and nothing is one size fits all, but Castro is as close to perfect as I've found so far. The UI just clicks with me.
Bryan Irace
Bryan Irace stacked Castro Podcasts
Engineering manager from Brooklyn working on Stripe Capital.
Overcast gets all of the love, but I think Castro is my favorite iOS app of all-time. Animations/interactions/gestures are the best I’ve ever seen and the Queue/Inbox model aligns perfectly with how I listen to podcasts.
Alex Rainert
Yannick Lung
Yannick Lung stacked Castro Podcasts
👨‍🎨 Icon & User Interface Designer 💧 Co-Founder of @waterly...
The best podcast player on iOS.
Donnie Adams
Donnie Adams stacked Castro Podcasts
Programmer, mathematician, educator. And basketball is fu...
Keeping 10 hours of podcasts downloaded in the queue is my favorite feature of Castro.
Nicolo S
Nicolo S stacked Castro Podcasts
Entrepreneur, Innovator & Fintech Guy 🇮🇹🇩🇪🇬🇧
Castro is my podcasting app of choice, I love the way it uses an inbox as I subscribe to so many podcasts and don't have time to listen to all of them, this way I can select the ones I am interested in and press play.
Pixelsum stacked Castro Podcasts
We like making websites for businesses.
There's maybe 1-2 apps that make me smile every time I open them. This is one of those. The design puts it so far ahead of other (podcast) apps it's ridiculous.
Brandon Titus
Brandon Titus stacked Castro Podcasts
iOS Mobile Wrangler at Automattic | Avid hiker in Colorado 🌄
I love the Inbox + Queues in this app.
Brad Brooks
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