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Andee Bower
Andee Bower stacked Castbox
Software designer and avid consumer of software.
Easy to use yet powerful to fine tune
Osborne Saldanha
Osborne Saldanha stacked Castbox
Doing the Ordinary in an Extraordinary way (hopefully). R...
Quick to stream and download podcasts
Giorgio Parlato
Giorgio Parlato stacked Castbox
Forever Student I quit my job to do what I love the most...
Simple UI, Easy to use, Easily download episodes and save them for later
Alec Fokapu
Alec Fokapu stacked Castbox
build stuff for fintech
works fine
amogh stacked Castbox
Product @
Does exactly what you want it to do, and not more
Sanjeev stacked Castbox
Trying to be better than yesterday
Love the UX and it's stable.
Yulia Semenova
Yulia Semenova stacked Castbox
PR manager at Postindustria
Comfortable in use
Norman Chella
Norman Chella stacked Castbox
I cover Asian podcasting @ Podlovers Asia. Founder @ That...
Solely for the categories feature, I subscribe to a ton of podcasts so any level of organisation helps!
Anderson da Silva
Anderson da Silva stacked Castbox
I can read and click in links from the description of the episode. Something that other apps are hard to do or even don't have the feature. Also in some perspective, it works like a social network where I can comment, mark as favorite and share
Kasey Cowley
Kasey Cowley stacked Castbox
Husband • Software Engineer • @PracticeGenius • #javascri...
Nice free podcast app packed with features
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