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Stay Humble
Stay Humble stacked Cash App
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finally works in the uk and transfers between $ and £ accounts appear to be free, fast too, easy to use, not become a daily driver yet but anything that gets me away from paypal fee hell and just legacy payment gateways has to be a plus -- the future is frictionless. ask elon!
Joel stacked Cash App
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Great variety of stocks. Can buy fractional shares on the fly.
Jeremy Cai
Jeremy Cai stacked Cash App
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Better experience than Venmo. Send me money at $dope.
Ben [ iX ]
Ben [ iX ] stacked Cash App
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Super easy to use; plus, their referral programme is fantastic! Made some £££ by referring others!
Abe stacked Cash App
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The easiest way to buy Bitcoin. Fractional stocks are fun for buying small pieces of stock I haven't done due diligence on lol
Adontai stacked Cash App
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The cash app has become indispensable for sending and receiving money from friends and acquaintances instantly and easily.
Heath Blandford
Heath Blandford stacked Cash App
Gamer, Customer Success Engineer, software enthusiast, co...
The easiest way to pay my friends back, and with the use of the Cash App card (in Apple Pay) it makes it even easier to spend the money my friends send me!
Dylan Boyd
Dylan Boyd stacked Cash App
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When you need to pay someone fast, it just works. Plus with the bonus saving mode at Whole Foods and others it is great.
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Nick Siscoe
Nick Siscoe stacked Cash App
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