CARROT Weather
A crazy powerful weather app with humor
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berrysauce stacked CARROT Weather
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Funny and evil at the same time - best weather app I've used so far
The best weather widget and Apple Watch complication
christine kelley
christine kelley stacked CARROT Weather
Social worker, dog lover, and tech enthusiast
sarcastic, cute, and accurate!
Kathy Tu
Kathy Tu stacked CARROT Weather
🏳️‍🌈 she/her.
Weather forecast with a personality and fun graphics. What's not to love?
TS_RickRyan Hoover
maique stacked CARROT Weather
🌴🍦📷 Photographer 🍭 Lisbon 💻 [[email protected] ~]$
Love the accuracy and the way he snaps at us.
Deep Dave
Deep Dave stacked CARROT Weather
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Something funny and sadistic description.
Joe Staples
Joe Staples stacked CARROT Weather
Digital copywriter, consumer tech reporter, and Star Wars...
Hands down the most accurate and witty weather app for iOS
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy stacked CARROT Weather
Editor at @protocol, covering how technology is reshaping...
The design is ok and the sadistic messages in it are silly, but it has the best weather complications for the Apple Watch, by far.
tyler ⍨Elias./scott
speagle stacked CARROT Weather
Online content creator, communications specialist, brand ...
I love getting my hour-by-hour and day-by-day weather forecast with a good dose of sarcasm.
Babe Matthieu
Babe Matthieu stacked CARROT Weather
Designer, Entrepreneur, Futurist / Design evangelist @the...
the only Weather app with a funky tone of voice !
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