Build web apps without code, entirely visually
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Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang stacked Bubble
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The most sophisticated no-code visual programming platform.
Bernardo Campos
Bernardo Campos stacked Bubble
COO @Parafuzocasa & Chicago Booth MBA. dig productivity s...
While FAR from perfect, it's the most amazing product I've ever used. It's incredible what Emmanuel and team have been able to pull off.
No-Code Piper
No-Code Piper stacked Bubble
👉No-Code evangelist No-Code Piper Newsletter :https://noc...
easy to handle and process flow centric
Jazzi Cooper
Jazzi Cooper stacked Bubble
Fintech founder, building new things in personal finance ...
It allows anyone with an idea to create a real, usable product. I love that the sky is the limit with bubble - it can be as complex as you want it to be, without the limitations of programming languages.
Jeff Lillibridge
Jeff Lillibridge stacked Bubble
Best #NoCode tool out there!
Pedro Wunderlich
Pedro Wunderlich stacked Bubble
I design weird and silly things that some people seem to ...
Idea to MVP in a few hours! 🤯
Coleman Foley
Mariel Vargas
Mariel Vargas stacked Bubble
I’m a curious startup founder and former Search PM.
Makes it to to build a powerful web app
Patrik Winkler
Patrik Winkler stacked Bubble
Prev: growth @homeht_, product @PrioriData. Fitness/nutri...
Want to build anything, Bubble is your friend. Known for a fair learning curve at the beginning, gives you a lot of opportunity once figured out and make you less dependent on your own or other people's coding. You can really build a lot with this.
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David Nurse
David Nurse stacked Bubble
Love human-centered design.
Hiram stacked Bubble
No-code maker & privacy advocate. Building:
A widely-beloved tool in the #nocode community that allows you to build fully functional and complex apps with tons of functionality.
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