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Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan stacked Breaker
Maker. A weekly newsletter on products: engineeringrowth....
So far the best podcast app I've used. Discovery process is very refreshing. Thinking to move my hosting there, anyone has experience with it?
Heidi Helen PilypasEric RulemanJesse Russell
Seth Fannin
Seth Fannin stacked Breaker
#NoCode Maker. The host of NuCode El Paso Meetup. SaaS, T...
Podcast social discovery
AmirR stacked Breaker
Stage IV Shiny Object Syndrome patient. Let's pray one id...
Used Spotify for a while but moved to Breaker for the community feature.
radi stacked Breaker
I am learning to be creative in public.
I love the way it presents the podcasts I have listened to. It makes it easier to share with people stuff that resonates with me.
Andrew Newby
Andrew Newby stacked Breaker
I am a tech geek
Great app
Eric Ruleman
Eric Ruleman stacked Breaker
lone voice crying in the wilderness
Best podcasting app — can filter shows by popular episodes, has recommendation algo, and can follow users to see what they're listening to! The first social podcasting app. Has web & mobile app!
Pratik Gandhi
Pratik Gandhi stacked Breaker
Growing @Covalent_HQ. Previously Growth @NEARProtocol. E...
I like the fact that it has the social element to it, and that I can follow podcast shows my friends/people I follow are following.
Victoria Teasdale
Victoria Teasdale stacked Breaker
Workflow design coach for diverse thinkers. Mama to 2 SEN...
Breaker has a social media app feel to it and I love the way that you can recommend episodes to friends and comment on episodes.
will robbins
will robbins stacked Breaker
Lover of books, endurance sports and productivity porn 😎
Great for discovery. Plus, I've saved over 3 hours this year by using their 'skip the silences' feature
Abhineet Kumar
Abhineet Kumar stacked Breaker
Consult senior leaders (CEO, CFO, and President offices) ...
For sourcing podcast recommendations
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