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A social podcasting app
Aleksandra SmelianskaSam CashDhvanil
106 people use Breaker. Do you?


People that stacked Breaker

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover stacked Breaker
Founder of Product Hunt, Weekend Fund investor. Doesn't e...
Breaker's a podcast app with social at its core. You can see what I'm listening to at Disclaimer: Weekend Fund is an investor.
5 months ago
Chris Messina
Chris Messina stacked Breaker
Hashtag inventor & TBD. For now, nomadic.
Breaker is my preferred podcast listening app. I appreciate discovering episodes from my friends, adding comments, and tracking and sharing what I listen to.
6 months ago
Zach Holman
Zach Holman stacked Breaker
building a thing + angel investing + startup advising
I'm not a *huge* podcast guy, but there's some arcane MLS podcasts I like to follow, and Breaker is the best podcast client I've used. Definitely keeps a place on my home screen, and a perpetual "ugh I really need more time to listen to more podcasts" level in my heart.
6 months ago
Seth Williams
Seth Williams stacked Breaker
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Kelly. Father to Story, Riv...
My favorite podcast app. It's beautiful and is a great social experience.
7 months ago
Heidi Helen Pilypas
Heidi Helen Pilypas stacked Breaker
I design apps. Lover of all things Apple. Designer and Co...
Listening to all my favourite podcasts, liking episodes, adding comments, keeping my listen history, managing subscriptions, highlighting my guest episodes, creating playlists, following friends, and discovering new shows.
5 months ago
Nico stacked Breaker
js wrangler. prev @ibm, @bluewolf, @devbootcamp. doing it...
I can save my favorites and share the list with friends, as well as see what others are listening to!
4 months ago
Bernardo Campos
Bernardo Campos stacked Breaker
COO @Parafuzocasa & Chicago Booth MBA. dig productivity s...
I don't love it, but haven't found anything I like better yet
4 months ago
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