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Gabe O'Leary
Gabe O'LearyĀ stackedĀ Breaker
Software developer & avid app user and developer. I love...
Love the idea of being able to see what my friends are listening too and be able to discuss. Sadly not many of my friends are on breaker...but the app still works great so I'll keep using it.
Danny Prol
Danny ProlĀ stackedĀ Breaker
I do my work at IESE. Host of the SaaS Product Chat Podca...
Yo uso breaker como app de podcast y estoy encantado. Notificaciones puntuales, sentido de comunidad, perfil molĆ³n con toda la actividad, newsfeed personalizable y actividad de amigos para descubrir nuevos podcasts
Anmol Maini
Anmol MainiĀ stackedĀ Breaker
Engineer @ Fast | Ex- Postmates, LBB, InnerChef, GSF
Love listening to podcasts, love discovering new podcasts
Chris Holm-Hansen
Chris Holm-HansenĀ stackedĀ Breaker
Tech, startups and design. And a lot of other stuff too.
It's easy to find inspiration for new podcasts to explore
corban baxter
corban baxterĀ stackedĀ Breaker
If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a t...
The community features
Nitin Kacharia
Nitin KachariaĀ stackedĀ Breaker
The expected keeps you standing and the unexpected change...
Social meets Podcast. I am able to follow friends and know what they are listening to and vice versa.
Bharathi Shekar
Bharathi ShekarĀ stackedĀ Breaker
Holden Caulfield working on the dark side
Wide selection of podcasts.
Arianna Gutierrez
Arianna GutierrezĀ stackedĀ Breaker
Latina with roots in Chile, Venezuela and Brazil with a l...
I can create playlists to manage what I want to listen to at a given time of day, and I can change the play back speed.
Jason Resnick
Jason ResnickĀ stackedĀ Breaker
family guy, WFH Dad, @liveinthefeast host šŸŽ§ helping devel...
The bookmarking and community sharing feature
Rohit Bommisetti
Rohit BommisettiĀ stackedĀ Breaker
Founder @tryroundtable, Cognitive Science @UPitt
Cleanest app for podcasts.
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