Functional music to improve focus
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Justin E. Harris
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Working from home can be so distracting. Unless you're focused.
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Donnie Adams
Donnie Adams stacked
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Great way to improve focus and drown out ambient noise to get things done.
Ambarish stacked
It just works. Don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself
Vincent Po
Vincent Po stacked
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I use daily as it helps me focus while drowning out external noises & distractions. I love it!
Ryan Handby
Ryan Handby stacked
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Recently have started getting into it and my productivity and concentration has been great.
₿rad Wears A Mask - #Masks4All   - ₿/
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Love it. Bought the lifetime license and doing great with it.
Marcel Fahle
Marcel Fahle stacked
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Helping me focus for years now. Great app!
₿rad Wears A Mask - #Masks4All   - ₿/
Their are no vocals, it is easy to use on every device and the tunes are chosen very well!
Gabriel stacked
<3 Learning
Easy to listen to while working and not being distracted by lyrics
Josh Garofalo
Josh Garofalo stacked
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It's one of the few things that can make my mind still. Love the new Low-Fi focus track.
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