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Open source password management solutions for individuals, teams, and business organizations.
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Westley Dang
Westley Dang stacked Bitwarden
PhD in neuroscience, now operations analyst at a VC.
Free, open-source password manager. What more can I say.
Kerr stacked Bitwarden
Just here for the pancakes ­čą×
my password manager ­čöÉ
Bharat Kalluri
Bharat Kalluri stacked Bitwarden
Guy crazy about books, games, programming and tech.
The only password manager you will need, has clients for almost all platforms and is open source.
Kelly Heard
Kelly Heard stacked Bitwarden
Product manager and technology enthusiast
Everyone seems to love LastPass or 1Password, but Bitwarden is my absolute favourite. A nice clean UI, good organization capabilities, attachment storage, built-in TOTP codes, open source and more!
Yuri Moreno
Yuri Moreno stacked Bitwarden
me? -> yurimoreno.com
free secure and open source
Abhi Vyas
Abhi Vyas stacked Bitwarden
Learning to be present
A fix for managing passwords. Free, open source, and trust worthy for personal needs.
John Forstmeier
John Forstmeier stacked Bitwarden
John is a full-stack engineer at Shipyard and an open sou...
Clean mobile and browser apps. I went with this option since it's open source and has some very simple designs for creating and cataloging private information. Definitely considering upgrading to a Pro plan.
Altaf stacked Bitwarden
Co-founder & CPO, Travelstop @TravelstopHQ / PreviouslyÔÇöp...
Started using this recently, so far so good. It's a great free and open source alternative to 1Password, LassPass.
Jed Reisner
Jed Reisner stacked Bitwarden
I've got a lot of problems with you people. I have an app...
Free, better at form filling than competitors. Open source.
Julieta Colombo
Julieta Colombo stacked Bitwarden
Graphic & Web Designer.
I have no memory so I need this to remember my passwords. Also saves me a lot of time.
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