Open Source Password Management for You and Your Business.
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81 people use Bitwarden. Do you?


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Robert N. Pană
Robert N. Pană stacked Bitwarden
I do billing and anti-fraud things. Send me an email at h...
I use Bitwarden as my main password manager, it allows me to set very complex passwords without any risk of losing access to my accounts. It's also much cheaper than similar products.
Harry Chung
Harry Chung stacked Bitwarden
I work I do this @adfiinc
My favorite personal password manager to save and open website and apps. it is free to use!
Matyas stacked Bitwarden
I'm a student, interested in art and code
it's very aproachable. A password manager is an esential piece of software these days and Bitwarden is really easy to recommend to friends and family.
Sérgio Rebelo
Sérgio Rebelo stacked Bitwarden
Chinoman10 - Entrepreneur, Tech guy, Event Producer, Espo...
Best password manager since LastPass made changes to their free plan.
oofdere stacked Bitwarden
Broadcast Student at Los Angeles Valley College
Cheap and open-source, what more could one want?
Tong stacked Bitwarden
Johannes Ebeling
Johannes Ebeling stacked Bitwarden
Software Developer and enthusiast from Germany
It simply works, everytime
Rohit Alexander
Rohit Alexander stacked Bitwarden
Designer & Art Director • Owner at Pixel Plotters Design ...
Your friendly neighbourhood (free!) LastPass alternative.
Jessica Manipon
Jessica Manipon stacked Bitwarden
Product + Execution
The best password manager, in my opinion. It is free and open source, user-friendly. Can't ask for more, really.
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