Open Source Password Management for You and Your Business.
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oofdere stacked Bitwarden
Broadcast Student at Los Angeles Valley College
Cheap and open-source, what more could one want?
Tong stacked Bitwarden
Johannes Ebeling
Johannes Ebeling stacked Bitwarden
Software Developer and enthusiast from Germany
It simply works, everytime
Rohit Alexander
Rohit Alexander stacked Bitwarden
Designer & Art Director • Owner at Pixel Plotters Design ...
Your friendly neighbourhood (free!) LastPass alternative.
Jessica Manipon
Jessica Manipon stacked Bitwarden
Product + Execution
The best password manager, in my opinion. It is free and open source, user-friendly. Can't ask for more, really.
joseph workman
joseph workman stacked Bitwarden
Me myself and eye
Open Source
Chris Franco
Chris Franco stacked Bitwarden
Founder of Woodridge Growth.
free and open-source
Aleksander Antoszek
Aleksander Antoszek stacked Bitwarden
Student, artist, writer, creator. Minimalist & singletask...
No idea why anyone would use something else than Bitwarden. It just works, is free and open-source.
Jessica Manipon
John Hayes
John Hayes stacked Bitwarden
I am a father, husband, and full-stack developer!
A lifesaver and keeps my passwords safe. I love being able to have a different password for every login.
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