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Flexible notes, beautiful writing for iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch
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Automate Your Mac
Automate Your Mac stacked Bear
Creator, blogger, and coach for
Well designed and easy to navigate.
Andrea stacked Bear
#HeathIT nerd, wife, #iPhone addict, #mom. Tweets and per...
Beautiful, fast note taking app that uses markdown. Private and notes are portable. Love this app so much. Great for longer writing. Tag system is great.
Lucas Maldonado
Lucas Maldonado stacked Bear
Founder & CEO at Convertify
Clean and simple
Rand Anderson
Rand Anderson stacked Bear
Co-founder of FrontRow Sports, CTO
Clean secure notes
Ed Shek
Ed Shek stacked Bear
I use design to solve problems
Love the UX and it syncs with all my devices.
Lea Metlicic
Lea Metlicic stacked Bear
A psychology student dabbling in marketing 👩🏻‍💻
Lost of ways to edit text, cute design, good marketing
Ivan Bozic
Ivan Bozic stacked Bear
CEO and Founder @
I've gone through pretty much dozens of different note-taking tools and Bear just ticks off all the boxes for me. It doesn't have sharing notes, which is a relief. It has great syncing across devices. They are a bit slow in rolling out new features, but I forgive them!
PEW PEW LASERS stacked Bear
Endlessly curious. Always trying new things.
Great design and easy to use and categorize notes. All notes are written as Markdown and can be exported should I want to leave. Also looking at [Collected Notes] and [Roam Research] as personal knowledgebases.
Switched from Evernote and it didn't take long that I figured out that it was the obvious choice. I was done with all the clutter and instability Evernote has. Also Bear's Pro subscription doesn't spoil the model, it is worth paying for, especially for iOS / macOS sync.
Klint Ramdass
Klint Ramdass stacked Bear
Product Manager, Tech Nerd, Music Geek, Husband, Dad. Opi...
There are lots of great notes apps. But I prefer Bear because it’s flexible, beautiful and easy to read. It has lots of tools but the tools stay out of your way so I can just write.
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