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Flexible notes, beautiful writing for iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch
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Carrington stacked Bear
I love building and growing new products.
Clean interface
Michael I. Brooks
Michael I. Brooks stacked Bear
Marketer. Author-in-training.
Simple note taking with markdown and a solid number of export options. Themes are great!
Andrea Naomi
Andrea Naomi stacked Bear
I'm a little in love with Startups and SaaS. There's some...
It's simple, clean, no fuss.
Kwabena stacked Bear
I spend a lot of time thinking through the negatives and ...
Simple note taking, and I really like how you can organize notes by hashtags.
Francisco Miguel Loureiro
Francisco Miguel Loureiro stacked Bear
Working in the financial industry, with interests in inve...
Beautiful and reliable app note taking and reflective writing.
Juha Liikala
Juha Liikala stacked Bear
Howdy! 👋 Front-End & Pixels @Synopsys • Husband, Globetro...
For note taking pleasures
Lorenso D'Agostino
Lorenso D'Agostino stacked Bear
✨Developer based in Eindhoven, NL
Very clean writing app which I use for all my notes and to do's.
Abinaya from Remote Leaf
Abinaya from Remote Leaf stacked Bear
Helping people land remote jobs via
All my notes live here
Helena stacked Bear
Correct me if I’m wrong, but...
Pure & simple! I use Bear for my personal writing, completely seperated from work and admin related stuff. It's the safest place for me to write for myself 💌
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Calum Webb
Mizanur Chowdhury
Mizanur Chowdhury stacked Bear
Self taught web engineer. Early adopter. Fun to learn, en...
Love taking notes and staying organized
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