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Flexible notes, beautiful writing for iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch
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Juan Germano
Juan Germano stacked Bear
UX/Product Designer based in Buenos Aires.
Great for creating a note taking system that works for you. Since it's markdown base, it's also good for a markdown blog.
Ashley Giles
Ashley Giles stacked Bear
Do comms for @FightingMalaria. Like coffee, productivity,...
Notes apps don’t need to be beautiful. They just need to be fast and available when you need them. Bear is fast, available when I need it and also beautiful.
Mike Rubini
Mike Rubini stacked Bear
Italian 🇮🇹 | Entrepreneur👨🏻‍💻 | Jazz player 🎷 Makes SaaS at...
Very fast. Gets the job done.
Brad Brooks
Brad Brooks stacked Bear
Graphic Designer/#cartoonist ✏️, Apple freak , Arsenal fa...
I'm addicted to notes apps, and Bear is one of the best.
Michael Henry
Michael Henry stacked Bear
🌊 Waterman 📸 Photo / Video 💻Product Manager At Adobe on P...
Amazing iOS note app that is feature rich yet simple, Bear is the best
Bernardo Campos
Bernardo Campos stacked Bear
COO @Parafuzocasa & Chicago Booth MBA. dig productivity s...
Beautiful design, love tagging and sync works well. In love with the Toothpaste theme
Tom Cline
Tom Cline stacked Bear
Clean & no-hassle way to take quick notes on mac
Nitin R Gupta
Nitin R Gupta stacked Bear
Dude who likes to code & design stuff.
Super fast, simple, easy to use markdown notes app which I use every single day.
James Timmins
James Timmins stacked Bear
Software engineer with a passion for keyboard shortcuts a...
I like Bear because it's an easy-to-use markdown editor with friendly export options. I'm not a big note-taking app person (I don't keep up with the trends), and this has enough features without forcing me to learn a new workflow.
Jovian Gautama
Jovian Gautama stacked Bear
Generalist. Indonesian in Taiwan. Podcast enthusiast.
When I open Bear I'm a writer. Simple as that.
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