Barry's Bootcamp
An immersive, high-energy workout that's effective and fun
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Yash Shevde
Yash Shevde stacked Barry's Bootcamp
building someth▏
I only book through ClassPass, and it’s a great way to hit reset if you’ve been in a fitness slump. I’ve yet to experience the professional outcomes though— everyone keeps saying VCs sign deals there but it’s never been the case for me lol
Chris Guimarin
Chris Guimarin stacked Barry's Bootcamp
Design @ASCAP @SU_VPA alum 🍊🍊🍊 NextGen Executive Board Me...
I love the classes and their mixture of cardio a and weights
Rich Paret
Rich Paret stacked Barry's Bootcamp
Bug fixes and performance improvements. Platform builder....
Winter in Boston means inside workouts. Barry's sucks the least.
Erik Torenberg
Erik Torenberg stacked Barry's Bootcamp
Co-founder @Villageglobal & @beondeck & @tokendaily. Posi...
I am a walking parody.
chris knape
chris knape stacked Barry's Bootcamp
Product & growth guy. Ex-Thumtack, YouTube, Google Play. ...
The best workout in the world. No really.
Nadia stacked Barry's Bootcamp
working @substackinc // writing
Super convenient workout available at my fingertips whenever I want. Also, it's fun to be basic
Mattan Griffel
Mattan Griffel stacked Barry's Bootcamp
Co-Founder at Ophelia | Faculty at @columbia_biz | @forbe...
Manages to keep you motivated for 50 minutes and the combination of weights and running is pretty great.
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