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vivram stacked Azure DevOps
Full stack engineer | EM | Runner
Code updates and development from within browser Integrations with varieties of tools Easy to manage and deliver projects form with a single tool
Lots of features
Mark McLaughlin
Mark McLaughlin stacked Azure DevOps
DesignOps for developer tools at Microsoft; previously Az...
Because they made me do it.
Jérémy Philippe
Jérémy Philippe stacked Azure DevOps
Lead Front-end developer @SpectralTMS, I do things with R...
Great for Agile development and a perfect replacement when Trello just doesn't work for you.
Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan stacked Azure DevOps
Maker. A weekly newsletter on products: engineeringrowth....
Hustle free way to configure any kind of CI/CD pipelines for your environments
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