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A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
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Sean O'Brien
Sean O'Brien stacked Atom Editor
Representing Australia on the PWA Windsurfing World Tour....
Atom Commander + Minify is my daily toolset for building.
Ameya Warde
Ameya Warde stacked Atom Editor
Independent researcher with an ADHD-fueled love of tools ...
I downloaded it because I saw a cute theme for it and wanted to use it. 😅 But I also love the ability to pick and choose what features I want for it via packages.
Easy to use
SecureDev stacked Atom Editor
CTO of Secure Code LLC.
Taylor Johnston
Taylor Johnston stacked Atom Editor
Data Journalist Always looking for new tech to try
I like that it is made by GitHub and that it's easy to customize.
v.keerthi vikram
v.keerthi vikram stacked Atom Editor
Data Scientist and productivity fanatic.
Great app for code editing.
Kiran Cherukuri
Kiran Cherukuri stacked Atom Editor
intelligence engineer
great UI
Håkan Nylén
Håkan Nylén stacked Atom Editor
Developer, photographer, husband, father and founder of k...
Simple and all plugins helping me get stuff done.
Amiit stacked Atom Editor
stuck in slow moving traffic
Easy to configure. Huge collection of packages. Love the default theme.
Eashan Reddy Kotha
Eashan Reddy Kotha stacked Atom Editor
Into Neurobiology, Health Informatics and Medicine. Engag...
It supports a lot of different formats and the interface isn't difficult to navigate. It also helps me clean up my code when I need to so that it's more aesthetic aka readable.
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