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Steve Aylor
Steve AylorĀ stackedĀ Apple Podcasts
Cool dude and Thomasā€™ dad.
2x Speed
Thierry Faucher
Thierry FaucherĀ stackedĀ Apple Podcasts
Curieux, j'aime comprendre comment les personnes et les c...
Victor York-Carter
Victor York-CarterĀ stackedĀ Apple Podcasts
Software Engineer
HelloĀ stackedĀ Apple Podcasts
Itā€™s easy to use
Michael Kirkham-Jones
Michael Kirkham-JonesĀ stackedĀ Apple Podcasts
Forever a techie I am an IT Manager / IT Project Manager....
Design Quality
dallasĀ stackedĀ Apple Podcasts
Music lover, writer, old soul.
Just an easier way to listen to my favorite podcast.
Cause it has a great selection of podcast
I like my podcasts library and episode statuses synced across my devices so I can continue listening where I left later.
Max Rovensky
Max RovenskyĀ stackedĀ Apple Podcasts
React / Node.js developer. @zeithq
It's built in, and I don't listen to that many podcasts to warrant a dedicated app installation
Emily Snowdon (NĆ©e Hodgins)
Charles Nathan pomle
Charles Nathan pomleĀ stackedĀ Apple Podcasts
ā€¢ Industrial design student ā€¢ Using tech products and sof...
Baked into the Apple ecosystem, syncs across devices. Free price tags helps (if u r a broke college student like me)
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