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Geek lady
Geek lady stacked Apple Podcasts
As my name suggests, I'm a Geek Lady
It's already there in my phone. I'm also satisfied so no interest to change.
Keith Nothacker
Keith Nothacker stacked Apple Podcasts
ceo bactrack
Agnes stacked Apple Podcasts
I'm a product geek who likes to discover new things.
it works and comes with my iphone
Mike Connor
Mike Connor stacked Apple Podcasts
Software developer in New Orleans
Does it make a difference?
Matty White
Matty White stacked Apple Podcasts
Nerdy McNerd
Integrated with my Watch, iPhone and Mac - and (gulp!) - just WORKS.
Maryam Alawadhi
Maryam Alawadhi stacked Apple Podcasts
A business-minded techie, and a self-taught designer. I s...
Native app
Parker Ehret
Parker Ehret stacked Apple Podcasts
UX and Product Designer
Simple and easy to use; I don't like adding additional apps with duplicated functionality.
I7A stacked Apple Podcasts
PhD Researcher in Conceptual Mapping, Educational Modelli...
The interface just seems better geared to my preferences in listening to podcasts compared to Spotify
Craig Bromberg
Craig Bromberg stacked Apple Podcasts
Intra/entre-preneur from way back and from bigco to start...
Because I don't have a lot of time to curate them.
priyank shah
priyank shah stacked Apple Podcasts
Tech enthusiast, minimalist
clean design and free
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