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938 people use Apple Music. Do you?


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Vik Duggal
Vik Duggal stacked Apple Music
Family 1st, then businessman. I write about B2B SaaS grow...
Integrated with desktop, laptop, iphone and watch.
Addvizr stacked Apple Music
startup Tool box
One subscription to share with the fam! Kids haven’t complained yet
Bryan Philips
Bryan Philips stacked Apple Music
B2B Marketing Strategist at In Motion Marketing.
All my favorite songs, ad-free, synced playlists across all my devices. Plus great radio shows like Beats 1.
Rohan Hugar
Rohan Hugar stacked Apple Music
I am a student of mechanical engineering who is passionat...
I love to be in the apple ecosystem.
RishG stacked Apple Music
college student in Arcadia university for PT , tech fanatic
nice radio
Mathew Samuel
Mathew Samuel stacked Apple Music
Working on the SundayGrids project; building new paradigm...
Probably its a region-thing, but I’m more likely to find the songs I want on AM than Spotify.
Nima stacked Apple Music
I'm a UX/UI Designer
The lyrics feature.
Mike Lapidakis
Mike Lapidakis stacked Apple Music
Miss travel, obsess over new tech, try my hand at photogr...
Seamless integration on Apple Watch, HomePod, and CarPlay have me coming back to Apple Music. Integration with Alexa doesn't hurt either.
Aditya Sheth
Aditya Sheth stacked Apple Music
Marketing @ Venngage 🚀 Growth, Content, SEO
Works well with iOS
Arnaud Joubay
Arnaud Joubay stacked Apple Music
Swift & Rails indie dev. 11y Remote/WFH. Half of @teambkr...
I ditched Spotify in 2020 and moved all playlists back to Music with SongShift. The main reason I did this is the "Show in Playlist" feature, which allows me to travel in time and listen to the other tunes I was listening to at the same time.
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