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Amir Shevat
Amir ShevatĀ stackedĀ AngelList
Founder/CPO @reshuffleHQ. Prev, VP product @ Twitch, DevR...
A good way to invest in startups with as little paperwork as possible.
Dave Morin
Dave MorinĀ stackedĀ AngelList
The most thoughtful and innovative team in technology. I'm biased as I have been an Advisor to AngelList since day one, but am constantly impressed with the continual innovation.
Dylan Boyd
Dylan BoydĀ stackedĀ AngelList
Dir @RGAVentures Cheerleader of awesome people + experien...
Another tool I use for new co and investor discovery.
James Young
James YoungĀ stackedĀ AngelList
Director of #UX at @SSCTechnologies: Design leader helpin...
Great community, helpful resource for seeing what's going on in startup land, especially in your geo-locations of interest.
Vinay Bhamre
Vinay BhamreĀ stackedĀ AngelList
Student of Life
For Reading blogs and finding developer jobs
Jonathan Abrams
Jonathan AbramsĀ stackedĀ AngelList
Entrepreneur and investor, co-founder of @8bitcap and @fo...
AngelList is one of the companies innovating on how early stage companies get funded.
Mark Phillips
Mark PhillipsĀ stackedĀ AngelList
Founder @nomadstaysco & @bizinbarefeet. Encouraging entre...
Good visibility of start ups globally
pascual aparicio
pascual aparicioĀ stackedĀ AngelList
Co-Founder en @startupsmansion y enredando con @estartupb...
Where everyone is
Alex Young Kwon
Alex Young KwonĀ stackedĀ AngelList
Something newā˜•ļø - Not deliberate, not random. Some place i...
Hope AngelList can replace Linkedin at some point - Ideal flow would be.. this is where the company is born, raise capital, hire bright minds, and make shit happen. All.In.One
amir (hassan)abadi
amir (hassan)abadiĀ stackedĀ AngelList
AGC at @AngelList. Did some time with @GVTeam and @Fenwic...
To be fair, I am on the legal team here at AngelList. But I wouldn't be if I didn't believe in the mission of the org. Supporting the startup ecosystem via capital, recruitment and product launches.
Mark Phillips
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