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Alexa Kilroy
Alexa Kilroy stacked AngelList
Director of Marketing & Ops @TalkHowdy. Dog mom, pasta lo...
My favorite hiring tool in the startup world. Awesome talent & also fun to scope for consulting projects.
Altaf stacked AngelList
Co-founder & CPO, Travelstop @TravelstopHQ / Previously—p...
AngelList is continuously evolving. Other than investing and backing syndicates, it is also a great hiring tool. I'm also digging the new homepage newsfeed.
Pratik Gandhi
Pratik Gandhi stacked AngelList
Growing @Covalent_HQ. Previously Growth @NEARProtocol. E...
Can't thank AngelList enough for it has changed my career arc and the way I think about opportunities.
Kevin Kaplan
Kevin Kaplan stacked AngelList
🍕📷🏓 Investor, Mentor, and 80's Pop Culture Junkie. Origin...
I spend way too much time reading all the news and deals. I am am a member of 40+ syndicates and really get inspired by the creativity out there in startup land.
Ryan Hoover
Michael Rupert
Michael Rupert stacked AngelList
Software Engineer, Amateur Photographer
Made some great connections during my most recent job search, including the startup where I work. Enables 2 way communication without the weird nagging and corporate feel of Linkedin.
Amir Shevat
Amir Shevat stacked AngelList
Founder/CPO @reshuffleHQ. Prev, VP product @ Twitch, DevR...
A good way to invest in startups with as little paperwork as possible.
Dave Morin
Dave Morin stacked AngelList
The most thoughtful and innovative team in technology. I'm biased as I have been an Advisor to AngelList since day one, but am constantly impressed with the continual innovation.
Dylan Boyd
Dylan Boyd stacked AngelList
Dir @RGAVentures Cheerleader of awesome people + experien...
Another tool I use for new co and investor discovery.
James Young
James Young stacked AngelList
Director of #UX at @SSCTechnologies: Design leader helpin...
Great community, helpful resource for seeing what's going on in startup land, especially in your geo-locations of interest.
Vinay Bhamre
Vinay Bhamre stacked AngelList
Student of Life
For Reading blogs and finding developer jobs
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