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Product Analytics that helps companies build better products. Say hi: contact@amplitude.com #GoProduct
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Jayme Hoffman
Jayme HoffmanĀ stackedĀ Amplitude
Entrepreneur, product advisor/investor and breakfast taco...
So much power hidden behind a beautifully simple product. Can't recommend Amplitude enough.
Scott Hanford
Scott HanfordĀ stackedĀ Amplitude
Growing things. Product + Marketing.
The most robust product and marketing analytics tool around. Also a great backbone for audience segmentation for marketing and product triggers.
Robert Cooper
Robert CooperĀ stackedĀ Amplitude
Web developer
Great analytics platform
Stephen M. Walker II
Stephen M. Walker IIĀ stackedĀ Amplitude
Product @Freeletics / Previously @Amazon @CapitalOne
Best app for analyzing product engagement and retention
Sigurd Seteklev
Sigurd SeteklevĀ stackedĀ Amplitude
I'm one of the founders of Kitemaker, an issue tracker fo...
Throw your events into Amplitude, get insights back!
Uri Levanon
Uri LevanonĀ stackedĀ Amplitude
Product innovation at @StreamElements , British Drama fan...
When you get to know it, it's such a powerful tool for analytics
Vladimir Merkushev
Vladimir MerkushevĀ stackedĀ Amplitude
Product Manager with 15+ years of experience in online e-...
Very flexible and fast to integrate. Only you will decide what metrics to track and how! Take a look at this great online course about Data-driven product management based on Amplitude. Get a 10% discount https://gopractice.io?utm_source=partner&utm_campaign=5GDFMY
SidharthĀ stackedĀ Amplitude
Design, UX, & Product at @headout. Speaker, artist, side-...
Effortless product analytics
Delphine Ruaro
Delphine RuaroĀ stackedĀ Amplitude
PM @Zopa
Been using for about 6 months and really happy with how intuitive the tool is, makes everyone in the team actually keen to dig out insights and share them with everyone.
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