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554 people use Kindle. Do you?

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Kumar stacked Kindle
coder. maker. hacker.
It's sad that there is no alternative which makes it almost necessary.
maxart stacked Kindle
Design lead at Twitch/AWS. Previously Facebook, Airbnb, E...
Cian Wright
Cian Wright stacked Kindle
Tech, Streetwear and many unused domains.
Do nearly all my reading via this app on an iPhone
justin stacked Kindle
I like pancakes
This is for the app, not the device itself. Still haven't taken the plunge to buy an actual Kindle but I appreciate that Amazon makes it available in app form - I love being able to use my existing devices (phone, tablet) to read the digital books I've purchased through Amazon.
Deep Dave
Deep Dave stacked Kindle
Exploring startups, music, podcasts, books and a little b...
Keep reading.
Coleman Foley
Coleman Foley stacked Kindle
Software engineer, interested in product stuff
Love to read on Kindle in bed before I fall asleep.
Jesse Russell
Sanjeev stacked Kindle
Trying to be better than yesterday
The best companion one could have. Most of my reading is on Kindle and I love the e-ink screen and the ability to have hundreds of books in such a small footprint.
Christopher Sherrod (Author & Podcast Host)
Christopher Sherrod (Author & Podcast Host) stacked Kindle
Author, expat, entrepreneur
Love my kindle.
Nicolas Duchemin
Nicolas Duchemin stacked Kindle
Digital Marketer | Photographer | Lifelong Learner | No-C...
Allows me to buy books in one click, to bring my librairy anywhere with me and to highlight and annotate the content. I import the highlights/annotations in Readwise, then export them to Roam!
Zach LaGreca
Zach LaGreca stacked Kindle
Product @ Ibotta, Co-host @ Product Coffee Podcast
Reading is something I enjoy for both professional and personal growth as well as for leisure, and so the kindle app on my phone is a great way to chip away at reading more books day to day when I have a few minutes to spare.
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