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480 people use Kindle. Do you?

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Ahmed Men
Ahmed Men stacked Kindle
Black Swan hunter | Brussels 🇧🇪 + Paris 🇫🇷 Working on @laz...
Allows me to automatically save my highlights and notes from my reading and push it into my centralised wiki
Matthew Bischoff
Matthew Bischoff stacked Kindle
Making apps at Lickability. Writing about tech & culture....
Despite being a terrible app, the book section, highlighting, and Goodreads integration make it the one to use.
Love it
Sᴀɴᴛʜᴏsʜ ɢᴜʀᴜ
Sᴀɴᴛʜᴏsʜ ɢᴜʀᴜ stacked Kindle
Co-founder of my son 😜
Love reading and what better device to buy books in a frictionless manner
Chuck Kahn
Chuck Kahn stacked Kindle
highlighting is fun
Catherine stacked Kindle
Product @Google. Outdoor photographer, voracious reader, ...
I love reading. I'll read in lines, on the bus, on the couch, anywhere with my Kindle.
Pratyush Mittal
Pratyush Mittal stacked Kindle
Stock investor and a hobby coder.
Inspiration is perishable. Kindle allows me to buy books on impulse and read 30-50 pages.
Business in Notion
Business in Notion stacked Kindle
Tech Matchmaker for growing businesses who are trying to ...
My house is too small for the amount of books I wanna I can store it all here!
Francesco Pira
Francesco Pira stacked Kindle
Curious mind. Yet another developer, interested in infose...
no-distraction reading, battery lasts weeks
Avi Aryan
Avi Aryan stacked Kindle
Full-stack web engineer at @toptal, Remote since 2016, Wo...
Quality hardware, long battery life, value for money
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