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Better shoes in a better way. At Allbirds, we use premium natural materials to make the most comfortable shoes for life’s everyday adventures. #weareallbirds
Brendan WeinsteinAlex KwonJason Bartz
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Brendan Weinstein
Brendan Weinstein stacked Allbirds
Product Manager & Data Analyst | Product Hunt: NYC Meetup...
Comfort = 💯
Jason Bartz
Jason Bartz stacked Allbirds
Dad @ Fatherhood | Portfolio Manager @ ACV Capital | Writ...
Comfortable and attractive shoes that are super breathable. Plus, the company is extremely transparent about their carbon footprint. My go-to sneaker.
Adam Ruf
Adam Ruf stacked Allbirds
Product Designer @AngelList; Creator https://uxdesigncont...
Comfortable and stylish walking shoes from a company with a good environmental rating
Jason Bartz
Alex Kwon
Alex Kwon stacked Allbirds
Live, Work, Play 🕋 Today @Lounge_HQ ✨ Yesterday @Kin_HQ @...
Comfy - tryin for the first time
Brendan Weinstein
Andrew Winter
Andrew Winter stacked Allbirds
Comfortable and durable
Blake Burch
Blake Burch stacked Allbirds
Enthusiast of new technology, digital media, automation a...
The most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Wouldn't mind if I never had to wear any others.
Jesse Russell
sunglassesface stacked Allbirds
Maker, live-streamer, esports fan #1
Versatile and lightweight shoes that look great
Joshua Draxten
Joshua Draxten stacked Allbirds
Less things, more quality
Incredibly comfortable. Easily rewashable. I've warn them everyday for 5 months and they still feel like new.
Kathleen Hamilton
Kathleen Hamilton stacked Allbirds
I manage remote teams who build things. Community is what...
I'm on to my (Second) pair of Allbirds shoes - they're the comfiest sneakers I've ever owned, with the added benefit of being better for the environment than many other options. Their products innovate on the material side, and I am bought in, 100%.
Craig Smith
Dave Cuzner / Grain
Dave Cuzner / Grain stacked Allbirds
I run a design blog
Very comfy.
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