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Kimball Frank Wirig
Kimball Frank WirigĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
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Bought some backpacking gear...time to his the trail.
Jeremy Browning
Jeremy BrowningĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
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AllTrails is the best map companion while hiking.
Shiveen Pandita
Shiveen PanditaĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
Productivity connoisseur
Perfect for finding nice and well curated hikes around me. Has a good community too.
Nate Dykstra
Nate DykstraĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
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My go-to app for finding hiking spots that fit my criteria at any given moment
Anthony Fiedler
Anthony FiedlerĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
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Easy recording, can find and try a few trails. Thankfully the Bay Area is littered with a ton so we'll see new ones all the time. I missed my S Health which used to record automatically. This comes close.
Jarod Stewart
Jarod StewartĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
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Discover new trails! Adventure is out there!
Tristan Pollock
Tristan PollockĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
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Gotta hike your own hike!
Adam Tait
Adam TaitĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
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Comprehensive. I havenā€™t found another source of trails information as complete as AllTrails. The subscription is worth it even if you only get out a couple times a year.
EdĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
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The last time I tried to use Wikiloc I was disappointed about some simple functionality. So I tried to look for alternatives. Alltrails seem to be polished and working really well.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverĀ stackedĀ AllTrails
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Suzy and I have been doing more hiking lately. AllTrails is the best trails search engine I've found.
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