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Alexandre Mouriecgasolinmike
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Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec stacked Airbnb
Full Stack Developer @ APITIC
My favorite way to live when I travel somewhere. I have used it across Québec, in France and in Spain. Currently planning my next trip with it!
mike stacked Airbnb
Internet Reader
Traveling and hosting
Michelle Kwon
Michelle Kwon stacked Airbnb
Investing @M13Company
Who doesn't love Airbnb?! (shout out to my former employer 🙆🏻‍♀️)
musebe stacked Airbnb
I eat marshmallows
i love to sleep
Justin stacked Airbnb
Im gay
Idk theres nothing more that i use
Matthew Stotts
Matthew Stotts stacked Airbnb
That's not how this works.
Andrea Sesta
Andrea Sesta stacked Airbnb
very curious about things in life
the best community of traveler
Darren Travel
Darren Travel stacked Airbnb
Twitter @darrentravel @addictedtoapps
Travel the world, be a local
Andreea Serb
Andreea Serb stacked Airbnb
Co-Founder Join the zero-waste knowled...
A classic pick for my travels.
Kirin Okada@logistics PM
Kirin [email protected] PM stacked Airbnb
I'm a Product Manager(Logistics area)in Tokyo.
I can stay at a local people's house, and I can understand culture and history more. I can feel I can belong to a local when I travel over the world.
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