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Jessica Manipon
Jessica Manipon stacked Adobe XD
Product + Execution
As a product person who thrives on free apps, Adobe XD changed my life. It's easy to learn, not heavy on RAM, and has enough features to create high-fidelity mock ups.
David stacked Adobe XD
I'm a tech and design enthusiast/ UX Designer🧙🏿‍♂️. My focus ...
A simplistic yet interface, easy to create vector designs, prototyping, and beyond. My go-to tool for visualizing ideas quickly.
Corey Butler
Corey Butler stacked Adobe XD
I create code, communities, and companies.
Does the job I need it to.
Pablo Gómez Ponce
Pablo Gómez Ponce stacked Adobe XD
Multimedia Engineering student. Barcelona based (Viladeca...
Quick wireframing and mockup for free, integrated with many plugins and apps from Adobe Creative Suite.
Thor stacked Adobe XD
Thor Schroeder⚡️- Full Stack Creative and Story Teller - M...
The best Adobe app if you are into design at any caliber. Mix it into your workflow in so many cases. I even use it to quickly size images.
Nima stacked Adobe XD
I'm a UX/UI Designer
The smoothness of the app in comparison to others in the industry.
Abhimanyu Kucheria
Abhimanyu Kucheria stacked Adobe XD
Product Manager @aawazdotcom Passive observer, Some retwe...
Mediyum stacked Adobe XD
A UX Designer from Goa, India
Auto animate
James Harr
James Harr stacked Adobe XD
Im a designer and entrepreneur trying to democratize educ...
Its simple and powerful and allows me to rapidly iterate on designs while easily exporting them for the development team.
Nanda Venugopal
Nanda Venugopal stacked Adobe XD
I am a multidisciplinary artist, design thinker and an en...
Very simple and a quick tool for UX & UI!
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