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Aaptiv brings you high quality audio fitness classes set to the perfect playlist. Start your free trial below & for customer support inquiries: @aaptiv_support
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Catherine stacked Aaptiv
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I use Aaptiv for outdoor runs - love their music choices, and they give advice on improving your form as well.
Jesse Russell
Ssimran Singh
Ssimran Singh stacked Aaptiv
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Classes on demand, variety, intuitive interface and they listen...
David Millay
David Millay stacked Aaptiv
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I travel a ton for work, so this app helps guide me through workouts where I don't have all my usual weights and accessories. Tons of great body weight HIIT circuits with tons of filtering options based on your preferences.
Rich DeMuro
Rich DeMuro stacked Aaptiv
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you can do it on your own time and at the home or the gym
Mariana Heredia
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Easy for beginners who don't know what we should be doing + can do it from anywhere (including my bedroom)
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