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Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson stacked
🪓 Digital, Design & Direction, @neudotstudio
Cataloguing what my brain can't.
chia #ACAB
chia #ACAB stacked
i like car seat headrest
it is my brain
monica regalado
monica regalado stacked
ux researcher doing a research thing i guess i dunno is like if u combined tumblr and google keep. tumblr but for pdfs n pics? such a good way for connecting ideas and discovering new rabbit holes for theories and topics. u can also write custom text blocks -- rly useful for essay writing. matches my mental model of "things"
menji zenEric Rulemanotho
Kyle Pace
Kyle Pace stacked
Currently a design student studying UX/UI design.
Hands down my favorite corner of the internet. It feels like the room with the door closed upstairs at the party where all the coolest people are hanging out smoking a joint while discussing existential phenomenology and its relation to psychotherapy practices. Just awesome.
Leandro ArdissoneMax Yakin Bozek スLeo SF
Yash Shevde
Yash Shevde stacked
building someth▏
Wish there was a way that it integrated more naturally into my workflows and that I was a more interesting person haha — love the concept and I’ve been trying to use it more
aziz stacked
Design lead at TIDAL, on the side;, foreignrap....
I should check this website a bit more
jake stacked
exploring the intersection of #design and #technology
Cool links bruh
Tyler Angert
Tyler Angert stacked
Easy link dumps :)
Mitchell Fox
Mitchell Fox stacked
Dad, entrepreneur, artist.
So thoughtfully designed - minimal, relaxing, focused.
Pierre Prior
Pierre Prior stacked
French Designer 🇫🇷 is my new Tumblr.
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