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Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo
Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo stacked Cloudflare DNS
About me!
Aakash Goel
Aakash Goel stacked Cloudflare DNS
Doing things to leave this world in a slightly better pla...
Super fast DNS resolution!
Joaquin stacked Cloudflare DNS
I'm a constant work in progress. Dad of 2, husband of 1. ...
Better security and performance on internet.
JR stacked Cloudflare DNS
Exploring #Industry4.0, #Innovation, #AI, @Blockchain, #B...
useful in specific areas where other VPNs don't work
Ilias Marios Chaliamalias
Fajar Siddiq
Fajar Siddiq stacked Cloudflare DNS
Serial Entrepreneur + Indie-Maker + Influencer + Producer...
I use this to go site that is block in my country, I love it! thanks for making this. There is a new version which i have no idea what but it says that is fast and more secure.
Fajar Siddiq
Duncan Carter
Duncan Carter stacked Cloudflare DNS
Passion for #Tech #DataScience #DataEngineering #AI #BI #...
Secure DNS - includes mobile as well
Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong stacked Cloudflare DNS
Ideator. INFP-T
Encryption should be the default.
Alayzain Rizavi
Alayzain Rizavi stacked Cloudflare DNS
Special Projects @cloudflare (NYSE: NET) | Previously @pe...
Privacy for mobile browsing + a bit biased :)
Andy Keil
Andy Keil stacked Cloudflare DNS
Card Games at @PracticalGameCo. Product Nerd. Ran Startup...
Installed on iOS when it first came out and haven't looked back since. Only issue I've had was a constant disconnect/reconnect on plane wifi, which they fixed by being able to 'snooze' your connection for a period of time if you're experiencing issues.
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