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Do a weekly bullet journal for todos

Each week a new todo notes file

Write down all

- [ ] Todos


- [x] done

- [>] moved to another day/week (needs new [ ])

- [-] removed

- [~] done some progress (needs new [ ] next day)

Never cut+paste

Always write [>] and create a new [ ] OR just instead [-] delete it

Aaron@sararahmcb This is a really good tip now that you work remotely. Doing a todo every day really helped me to get used to the self motivation needed for remote
12mo ago
Sarah McBride
Sarah McBridewowza this is suuuper helpful
12mo ago
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverWhy do you use Apple Notes over Notion, Bear, Evernote, or others? (This question is coming from someone that uses TextEdit for ephemeral note-taking)
12mo ago
Andreas Klinger
Andreas KlingerNo strong reason 1) I prefer using stuff where i know it will stay and i won't need to start paying at some point 2) I got it by default on all my devices incl backup I tried using notion b/c i can also invite others but Notes kind of stuck with me. I simply created folders for all my topics and took it from there.
Edited 12mo ago
Ahmed Men
Ahmed Men@andreasklinger love it, do you use Spotlight to quick find/launch a note?
12mo ago
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