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Co-founder at 🚀 Interests include startups, B2C products, community building, and no-code!

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PH launch playbook 🚀

0. No tips/hacks makes your product better. It’s the idea and execution that matters.

1. Before building your idea, validate it by building an upcoming page. This way you get to know how many people are interested in the idea and you will have a pre-launch list with their emails. Also these emails help you communicating the next steps personally.

2. Ask relevant questions/polls when you have an MVP. Early feedback always helps things to sort out. People who gave early feedback, reach out to them before and on launch day. Be accountable to your early audience.

3. Who is hunting your product is important. So pick and choose your hunter. Cold DM and try.

4. Twitter DMs - The single most underrated thing on twitter. Cold DMs are so powerful. If you genuinely reach out to people without expectations for feedback, they respond back.

5. Be active on twitter one week from launch hyping up the idea by showing a sneak peek of your product. This way you build up the curiosity from the audience.

6. Use tools like Preview hunt and Screely for your launch assets.

7. The first comment on launch day is important too. Narrate a story of why and how you came up with the problem and solved it. And the product with the most comments brings to it to the PH home page. So engage with your audience on PH and twitter.

8. Address each and every comment on PH and twitter. Look for PH shoutouts and retweet. People sense care. Appreciate their time, attention. Thank each and every one.

9. Tag relevant people who can boost the launch.

10. Post on IH/HN/Reddit to test with multiple audiences.

Something to take note:

1. Above all, the numbers don’t matter when you have the right product/idea.

2. Post-launch - Share the numbers from Google Analytics: Visits, upvotes, social proof, additional feedback, notable mentions etc.

3. Thank everyone from the community and address the next steps.

4. And don’t ask for upvotes but always ask for feedback.

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