Barely Accredited

Barely Accredited


Web dev since 1995. Nano VC/angel. Investor Instacart, Flexport, Gingko Bioworks, GitLab, grove-dot-co, Checkr. Invested in over 150 companies since 2013

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Need more complications?

Simple fix if you need more complications: just add a second watch face with the ones you want. Beats scrolling through the tiny icons when you press the crown. I have a second minimalist watch face that just has the workout apps I use: fitbod, intervals pro, and the apple standard workout app

Alex Riabtsev
Alex RiabtsevActually I use 4 (four): the first one hosts only date/time and motivation quote (I use it in the evening when cooldown); the second one is the night/morning (date/time, sleepcycle, sunrise/sunset, Swarm and battery level); the third one is all about health (oxygen, fitness, activity, timer and weather); and the last one hosts calendar, tasks, timer and spotify).
9mo ago
Rich DeMuro
Rich DeMurogreat idea... now I just need to actually take the time to set up my primary and secondary screen!
1yr ago
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