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Trim silence, best ever

Trimming silence feature is actually my favorite feature, plus, you can get stats on how much time that feature has saved you (mine is over two days with a total listening time of over 37 days total).

jakeI have 16 days of listening with 23 hours of skipping silence. I have 2 days total of savings with variable speed and skipping. I used Overcast with iOS but using Android and Mac has required me to use PocketCasts. I have grown to love it and am a paying customer.
9mo ago
Mark Krynsky
Mark KrynskyThanks. I was aware of increasing the speed of playback but hadn't seen this update to remove silence. Will be interesting to see how it affects my stats. Currently at 53 days 19 hours of listening with my 1.3x variable speed having saved me 2 days 15 hours.
9mo ago
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverWow. How many days have you spent listening to podcasts in total?
9mo ago
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