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Currently a design student studying UX/UI design.

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Syncing Across Devices

Eventually Obsidian will have a mobile app and and and E2E encrypted sync service, but for now you have to get a little creative.

You can sync across devices by putting the root files into cloud storage like Google Drive.

To get notes on a mobile device you need a markdown editor that can sync to the cloud platform, I use iAwriter for this on Android.

Once everything is in the same location you can edit across devices and everything will sync effortlessly! You should be able to find a cloud based markdown editor that syncs to cloud storage as well though I haven't found the need to do so yet.

chad bennett
chad bennettI store some markdown files in google drive and use either stackedit or writebox to edit in the cloud. my personal vault is in dropbox and I use 1writer to edit on ipad. love that my content is just simple markdown files
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