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Low Quality Sound (noise cancelleation, transparency)

There's an ongoing issue since Apple released firmware updates for the AirPods Pro. This involves worse noise cancellation and transparency compared to the original firmware.

An updated firmware (2B588) was pushed to resolve this. Unfortunately, some AirPod Pro's are stuck on 2C54 and cannot update. Your Airpods should update in the background once they're in their case and charging. If this doesn't happen by itsself then there's no way to force the firmware or reset it.

Find your firmware: (open AirPods lid). Navigate on your phone to settings > general> about > "your" AirPods

TLDR/Solution: Apple will exchange your Airpods if stuck on firmware 2C54.

KarlJust an update to this. Apple released new firmware (2D15) May 5th. This firmware appears to be an improvement, but not anything major to fix/improve the ANC issues.
1yr ago
KennethThere's an official recall program now: support.apple.com/airpods-pro-service-program-sound-issues
7mo ago
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