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How to replace your Zoom background with cats (or other things)

If you're still sticking with your default WFH background, give this a try...

Visit your Zoom Preferences and navigate to Virtual Background. Here you can select default photos/videos or upload your own.

Easy way to make your team meetings instantly more fun.

Jordi Mon Companys Mora Casamitjana
Jordi Mon Companys Mora CasamitjanaAlso, I way to start desktop Zoom by default is this: 1. Open a terminal window. 2. Paste in the following command defaults write com.google.Chrome ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox -bool true 3. Hit Enter 4. Stop and then start Chrome 5. Open a zoom meeting and you will see a checkBox that let’s you tell Chrome to trust Zoom From then on that behaviour is default. I know there is a way to even open Zoom without a browser tab being opened but I couldn't find it.
30d ago
Jordi Mon Companys Mora Casamitjana
Jordi Mon Companys Mora CasamitjanaIf I recall properly, you can even automate this without opening a tab or the browser all together with Choosy.
28d ago
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