Pablo Stanley
Pablo Stanley
Pablo Stanley
Co-founder of Carbon Health & Staff Designer at Lyft
Pablo is the staff designer at Lyft and the co-founder of Carbon Health. He hosts a design podcast and shares design tutorials on YouTube. Pablo is also an illustrator who writes fun comics and launches startups like Blush on Product Hunt.
Which podcasts are you listening to right now?
Every day I listen to The Daily with Michael Barbaro. It’s a podcast by the New York Times that keeps me updated with the news. Their recent coverage of the Democratic primary campaign and, more recently, on COVID has been great.
Additionally, I’ve loved Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. Conan is a comedy genius. My favorite is the dynamic he has with his staff—they work great together.
What's on your homescreen?
Here’s a screenshot of my current screen (below), answering these questions in Notion and doing a test of the Blush Figma Plugin on the side. We’re implementing some new color functionalities. The apps on my dock are Chrome for all my browsing, Sketch for most of my design work, Figma for design work I have to do in collaboration with other people. I create all my talks and a lot of simple animations with Keynote. At Blush, we do everything on Notion—product management, documentation, CRM, marketing planning, personal notes, and... answering interviews. Grammarly is my life savior. English is my second language, so this tool has helped me correct all my grammar horrors. I’m going to review these answers on it later, (so meta). All my team comms happen on Slack. And I keep connected with my friends and family via WhatsApp. A lot of them are all over the world, so Whatsapp is the best way for all of us to meet in one place.
You're on a deserted island and you can only bring one product that you own. Which product will you bring?
Would it be cheating to bring an iPad with a data plan? I’ve loved the ability to draw at any time with my iPad and create illustrations on the fly using Procreate. A lot of the stuff I’ve done for Blush wouldn’t be possible without it. The iPad+Procreate combo has helped a lot of people discover their creative superpowers. I'm excited to see a new wave of artists embracing new tools and creating amazing stuff.
The most powerful and intuitive digital illustration app available for iPad
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Procreate mediaProcreate
What beverage do you most enjoy on a Friday evening?
I don't drink alcohol but caffeine is my vice. So, a small black coffee from a local roaster would be ideal, in case I plan to do a late livestream and I need to keep my energy up!
Is there any product/software etc. that you couldn’t go a day without?
While working at InVision over the last two years has taught me how to do remote work efficiently and how to keep communication alive with your team. And there’s no better tool to serve this need than Slack. Slack has turned into the new office space, the spot where you have all your discussions, where you say good morning, where you share what’s happening with your life. I know this is an obvious answer, but it’s easy to dismiss how essential these kinds of tools have become—more with how people have recently been forced to keep communication from a long distance.
For your role, what apps or tools do you regularly use?
Camtasia, for all my screen recording. I love making little design tutorials, sharing stuff that I’ve learned. I also use it to share snippets of my progress on projects I’m working on. • Dropbox, for all my file sharing. • Notion, for project management, product management, CRM, documentation, copy docs, personal life management, etc. • Kap and CleanShot for quick screen recording GIFs • Loom for quick video feedback. • Snap Camera to add funny stuff on my zoom calls. • Calendly to handle all my meetings with people outside my team.
What do you love to do in your city when you’re not at work?
I’ve been traveling for the last year and a half, so I can tell you what I loved doing in two cities. In Mexico City, I loved walking around Roma and Condesa, going for vegan street tacos, getting an elote enchilado (corn on a cob with spices,) and joining people dancing to cumbia on the Palacio de Bellas Artes park. In Madrid, I loved the energy and diversity of Lavapiés—a multicultural and vibrant neighborhood. You can go to a tavern, a cool art show, on have some tapas on Calle Argumosa, sitting on the street and catching up with friends. Those are my two favorite cities in the world. The warmth of the people, how welcome you feel, how alive everything is.
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