Lolita Taub
Lolita Taub
Lolita Taub
Acting chief of staff & interim head of sales at Catalyte
Lolita Taub is a first-generation Latinx operator and investor pushing for diversity in tech. She's acting Chief of Staff and interim head of sales at Catalyte; a scout at, Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners, an LP at Operators Collective and Portfolia's Enterprise Fund; and a mom to the cutest Dachshund mix, Choco.
You're on a deserted island and you can only bring one product that you own. Which product will you bring and why?
I’d bring a Lifestraw because it’s possible that I can rely on the island supplying food and resources to create tools but I can’t rely on it providing clean water. And clean water is kinda necessary for survival. Otherwise, you can get diarrhea (learned this in Vietnam) or diseases from dirty water.
LifeStraw makes contaminated water safe to drink by removing bacteria and parasites, preventing the majority of waterborne disease.
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What beverage do you most enjoy on a Friday evening?
A tall glass of cold sparkling water, that I made, hits the spot every time. Don’t know how I ever lived without my SodaStream. It’s so satisfying to press a button and carbonate my own water.
What book has had the most impact on your career or life? How so?
I’d have to say that The Art of Saying No has been pretty impactful in my life. I’ve struggled with saying “no” for a long time and since I’ve read the book I’ve gotten better at it. The book gave me ideas on how to say “no” and reinforced why I should say “no.” I’m standing my ground and reclaiming my time (more often), with less guilt.
What’s the most useful product you own that few people know about? Why do you love it?
I don’t think a lot of people know about the Bubble level app. It’s amazing for putting stuff up on the wall! If you’re bothered by frames not being straight, and you don’t want to buy a level, I recommend downloading the app.
What app brings you the most lols? How so?
🤣My “Familia” group in WhatsApp. My brother, sister, mom, and my husband, Josh, bring a mean GIF game. And they’re good sports about things like poop stories and zits. Sometimes they get too comfortable with what they share. lol.
What products do you use to help manage your startup investing process?
I use Gmail (for communication), Google Drive (for collecting due diligence docs), Hubspot (for deal stage progression and notes on deals), and the startup-investor matching tool Josh and I created (for deal flow management). What I love about the tool is that it helps us quickly go through tons of startups, while simultaneously, matching other investors to startups for investment. After a couple of weeks, the tool has resulted in two term-sheets, and one investment!
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Michael PirovanoDear @lolitataub, Choco needs a YourStack account.
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