Josh Constine
Josh Constine
Josh Constine
Principal & Head Of Content at SignalFire
Josh is a principal investor, head of content at SignalFire and former Editor-At-Large at TechCrunch. Josh also writes a weekly newsletter called the Moving Product, sharing weekly deep dives on fresh ideas, examples of brilliant new designs, and commentary from top product experts.
What's on your homescreen?
My homescreen is thumb-centric, with my most used apps like the camera and chat tools in the bottom right corner. I try to balance the productivity of Asana and Pocket with joyful apps like Imgur and TikTok. There's some strange pleasure in rearranging apps and making them all dance as I decide which to delete.
What beverage do you most enjoy on a Friday evening?
Not IPAs. Why do people like to chew their beer? I used to be a scotch guy but have found sour beers offer as much complexity without the burn, so I've gotten into Libertine's tart and golden Pacific Ocean Blue Gose or Mikkeller brand sours like Spontanapricot that really make you pucker. And for dessert, some Five Farms upscale Irish cream over ice, because it's like adult chocolate milk.
Five Farms Irish Cream
The world’s first farm-to-table Irish Cream Liqueur. Five Farms is exclusively sourced and produced in County Cork, Ireland.
Five Farms Irish Cream mediaFive Farms Irish Cream
3. Is there any product, app, or gadget that you couldn’t go a day without? Why that one?
Thistle's batched delivery salad service. I've been eating it for lunch six days a week for three years and I'm still excited to open each one. They're big, endlessly changing salads with ~20 ingredients like crimson grape and curried quinoa, strawberry-rhubarb and mint, or southwest sweet potato taco salad that you can customize with meat or keep vegan. I can eat lunch from start to finish in 15 minutes since they're delivered three mornings per week and are waiting in the fridge. Thistle takes the hassle and decision making out of lunch and never leaves me in a food coma.
Thistle's mission is to make eating nutritious, plant-based foods incredibly convenient and accessible.
Alex KwonTanmayi  SaiAndrew Thorn
Thistle mediaThistle
What products do you use to stay fit?
I've managed to lose 20lbs during quarantine by pouring my COVID rage into Peloton and Future's remote personal trainer app where a real human coach nags you over text to do your exercises. Both succeed by removing all the activation energy from working out. They're perfect for busy people who suddenly only have 20 minutes instead of an hour. In less time than it takes to get to the gym and back, I can go from the couch to sweating bullets to being showered and out the door to whatever's next. And when I really don't want to, I just mutter "shut up" over and over to drown out my procrastination monologue until muscle memory gets me on the bike or yoga mat.
Future combines the best of 1-on-1 fitness coaching with cutting-edge technology to bring an experience that's built just for you, whatever your skill level, wherever you are.
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Future mediaFuture
What app brings you the most lols? How so?
While TikTok devours more and more of my life, for old-school image memes I love Imgur. It's one of the least well-known scaled apps with 300 million monthly users sharing meme dumps, weird web finds, and heartfelt stories. It uses a brilliant crowdsourced curational model where hardcore Imgurians sift through the river of user-submitted content, upvoting the best and getting a shot at becoming 'top comment' with a witty new caption. And since the Imgur homepage isn't personalized like almost every other social app, everyone sees the same content which leads to hilarious inside jokes amongst the community.
Hilarious GIFs, spicy memes, pets in sweaters, and more
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Imgur mediaImgur
What’s your favorite smart gadget that you use at home? How is it useful?
The Soundboks 2 suitcase-sized Bluetooth speaker lets us throw dance parties on our roof…or anywhere! It's outrageously loud with robust bass, 8 hour full-blast battery life, and they even make a backpack for carrying it. I've DJ'd parades, beach BBQs, and mountain-top sunrises with this thing. With concerts and music festivals shut down, the Soundboks will still let us throw little nomad shindigs in the park or while camping with a few friends. Oh, and it literally goes up to 11.
Break through the noise with the SOUNDBOKS, the world's first Bluetooth Performance speaker.
Andrew Thorn
What book or resource would you recommend for those that want to improve their writing?
Just start typing! The best resource is a Wordpress blog or Substack newsletter where you feel comfortable writing and can get enough reps into de-rust the pipes so the words flow easily. It's never too early to start taking newsletter signups — I got almost 2000 over 18 months before I published my first issue. Then if you can find a niche topic you're endlessly interested in learning about, that's growing in importance, and that at least someone somewhere makes money off of, after enough writing, you'll grow indispensable to that industry.
We make it simple for a writer to start a paid newsletter.
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